5 Creative Ways to Organize Your Jewelry

5 Creative Ways to Organize Your Jewelry

Keeping your jewelry organized and untangled can be tricky. Having plastic compartments hidden in a drawer is one way to store your gems. However, a fun D-I-Y project is the best way to create a custom, personalized jewelry organizer fit to your exact specifications and style. All you need is an open mind and some creativity! These 5 fun ways to organize your jewelry will ensure you find what you're looking for when you're looking for it with an eye-catching and personalized twist.

Framed Jewelry Hanger

Make a framed masterpiece of all your favorite jewelry and hang it on your wall. An old vintage picture frame from any thrift store, some chicken wire from your local hardware store, a couple staples or nails and you’re in business. What’s ideal about this cute wall hanging option is how well it keeps your jewelry separated. Earrings are clearly displayed flat across the surface so you never need to fight to detach from other pieces or search through boxes to find the pair you're looking for. Hooks along the bottom are perfect to hang necklaces and keep them from tangling. This framed open display also lets you easily consider perfect combinations to accent the look you're going for.



Champagne Bottle Display

A lot of us like to celebrate birthdays or important occasion with a particularly special bottle of Champagne. Keeping the bottle is a great way to forever cherish that memory. Display your leftover memorabilia artfully on a shelf or vanity and turn them into practical and functional structures to hold your favorite jewelry. Strategically placed bottles are great for clunky bracelets that are hard to hang and keep fabric ones from getting smashed in a drawer and losing their shape. You can also fill bottles with sturdy but playable wire like a bouquet. Twist the ends into decorative curls and hang delicate earrings or chains for an explosion of tangle-free, easy to reach pieces.



Upcycling Kitchen Items

Create a fun theme by reusing old kitchen gadgets for a really unique way to organize your jewelry. Vintage looking cheese graters make great earring racks. Adorable vintage tea cups are perfect for holding small studs or rings. A stand-up paper towel holder is perfect for stacking brackets. Paint them bright colors for a personal touch or to match other pieces.


Wood Hangers

If having your jewelry out on display all the time is not for you or you’re simply short on counter space, use a hanger to hold your goods. Add small hooks to the bottom of a large wood hanger to keep pieces separated. Store the hangers at one end of the closet for easy access. Less frequently worn necklaces and earring stayed organized, untangled, and dust-free.


Pin Cushions

A super cute and simple way of keeping rings separated and easily accessible is with basic sewing pin cushions and needles. This requires no big assembly project or multiple materials and sits pretty on any surface. Build a little garden of classic tomato shaped pin cushions and watch your collection grow.

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