With plans to release our new line of necklaces for men on the horizon, the crew at Isabelle Grace Jewelry couldn’t have been more excited when one of the Guncles, Scout Masterson, proudly rocked an Isabelle Grace original during a People Magazine photo celebrating the finalization of the adoption of their daughter Simone.

Scout and boyfriend Bill Horn, The Guncles, are regulars on the hit reality show Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood. To celebrate the adoption of their daughter Simone, Isabelle Grace sent the couple one of our newest Dog Tag necklaces that will debut as part of the new men’s line.

Scout Sports Engraved Charm Necklace

The necklace is double-sided with the words ‘Bill & Scout’ hand engraved on one side and ‘Simone’ on the other.  The necklace symbolizes the couple’s unity and love for baby Simone.  It hangs perfectly around Scout’s neck and can compliment a sleek looking sport jacket or even just a t-shirt and pair of jeans.

Our new men’s line will continue with this type of look, jewelry for men that is simple and can be a part of your everyday wardrobe.

With Father’s Day just around the corner, you can pre-order the men’s Dog Tag necklaces for end of May delivery.  For pre-ordering information, please use our contact page.

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