Fall 2017 Jewelry Trend Forecast

Fall 2017 Jewelry Trend Forecast

Fall is a time of change. With the change of season comes crisp air, falling leaves, and the feeling of a chance for a clean start.

We change our wardrobes trading tube tops for sweaters and strappy sandals for boots. Our color palette leans toward earthy tones and grounding colors. The attention to details of individualized style calls for a change in our accessories. A time of change creates an opportunity to upgrade. Out with the old and in with the new! It's the chance to have fun with your look and shake things up. The coolest trends in jewelry for the upcoming fall season will keep you looking hot right through the chill of winter.

Fall of 2017 is packed with some great jewelry trends. A lot of looks from the 1990's and 2000's are making a comeback. Think hoops, ear cuffs, and everyday items turned into clunky jewelry. One of our favorite fall trends is personalized monogram jewelry pieces, and we've got a lot of great options for you to add to your fall collection.

We love monogrammed jewelry because it's a great way to make a personalized statement, literally. You can add initials, names, words of inspiration, meaningful dates, or lucky numbers to many of our pieces. Be as secretive or blunt as you want with any message you want to share with the world. The jewelry you choose to wear is a reflection of who you are and we have an entire beautiful line of jewelry waiting to be inscribed with your personal touch.

Monogrammed pieces can evoke a sense of mystery with a few simple letters. You might be the only one who knows what they mean but you never know whose eye you might catch or what conversation an interesting piece of jewelry you're wearing might strike up.

If you’re feeling loud and proud you can boldly wear your name across your chest with a personalized necklace or display the names of the ones you love with our cool Curved Bar Necklace. The solid bar allows for a clear display and the edgy design makes it an excellent statement piece.


In need of some uplifting inspiration to carry with you into the fall? Wrap your wrist with words of wisdom. The sleek, clean style of our Pray Wait Trust Cuff will support any outfit while supporting you throughout any moments of doubt in your day.


Our Personalized Open Cuff Ring comes in both gold and silver. Add a personalized touch of detail with initials or symbols like a tiny heart. It's a stylish way to keep sentimental matters at your fingertips at all times.

And last but not least, let's not forget about the men out there. Our Men's Dog Tag Necklace gives add a soft, sentimental layer to a rugged look wrapped in a piece that's tough and timeless. The classic dog tag works with any style on any man. It's ideal for dad's who want to proudly wear the names of their kids around their necks.


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