Summer 2017 Jewelry Trend: Pendant Necklace

Summer 2017 Jewelry Trend: Pendant Necklace

The classic pendant necklace can add a touch of elegance and style to any look. A simple pendant necklace worn alone can make an otherwise boring outfit radiate. It's the perfect complementary piece to tie any outfit together and show off your personal touch. This summer is all about shining the spotlight on perfect pendant necklaces.

Having trouble figuring out what to wear for a big night out? Or maybe you’re just short on time and in a hurry? Put on your favorite go-to black dress or pants and top combo, and let your jewelry do the work for you. Stand out with a statement pendant necklace. 

Our Madreperla Drop Necklace makes the perfect piece with a bright gemstone accented with small crystals. A simple, clean pop of color can make all the difference. Draw attention to yourself with a beautiful statement pendant necklace and be prepared to be noticed. 

Another popular summer trend is to layer several pendant necklaces with different chain lengths. This can help dress up a basic outfit or toughen up a delicate dress. You can make this layered pendant necklace look as dramatic as you dare. Try out a few chains of different colors and sizes.


First, choose your centerpiece. A statement pendant like this detailed metal feather or stunning arrowhead necklace is great for this. Mix in a classic, delicate gold or silver chain with thin, subtle links. Use both silver and gold chains of varying tones, thickness, and length to add depth and texture to your desired look. If multiple mixed styles and metals seem too bold for your personal taste, keep this layered look to a minimum. Choose just a few delicate pieces adorned with small charms of the same style and keep it monochrome.


Tell the world how you feel with cute and casual inspirational word pendants. Our She Flies Pendant Necklace is as lovely to look at as the message it holds. Sometimes we all need little reminders of what matters most and these expressive, pretty little pieces do so in style. A lady can never have too many of these uplifting, everyday pieces in her collection.


For a touch of delicate elegance, stick to simple clutter-free pendants with a speck of sparkle. These birthstone tag necklaces highlight who you are and who you love. The long, rectangular, silver pendant comes custom etched with a name close to your heart and are dotted with a corresponding birthstone or favorite stone of your choice. The necklace on its own has a classic and clean style but can easily be spruced up by adding small charms. These birthstone tag necklaces make for a perfect gift as well! 

So go ahead, have a little fun with your style before this summer ends! Elevate your look by adding a little or a lot of flair with this season's unique personalized pendant necklaces that show the world who you are.


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