How to Clean Your Jewelry Properly

How to Clean Your Jewelry Properly

If you love a piece of jewelry, you will sometimes want to wear it every day until the shine comes off. It’s especially difficult to keep jewelry clean in the summer because of perspiration and sunscreen. Read ahead for a few tricks on cleaning your jewelry so you can keep it sparkling.  



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You can clean most gemstones with warm water, a mild detergent, and a soft brush. However, gemstones can react differently to heat and abrasive chemicals. It’s always better to identify the right kind of treatment for your gems before jumping into the cleaning process. You can refer to this gemstone care guide to learn about the best cleaning method for your type of gemstone. 

To start off, soak your gemstone piece in warm water mixed with a mild cleaning solution for a few minutes. Then, scrub the surface of your jewelry with a soft brush. Avoid using a toothbrush because the bristles are often not delicate enough for gemstones. If there are any dirt accumulations, pick them out with a toothpick carefully without scratching the gemstone. After you’re done, dip it back in the cleaning solution one more time and rinse off the residue with warm water. Lastly, dry it with a soft cloth.

If your gemstones are glued into their setting, you can opt for wiping them with a dampen cloth soaked with the cleaning solution instead. 



14 Karat Gold Jewelry 

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Normally, you can use a soft chamois cloth to wipe your 14kt gold jewelry clean after each use. 

If your gold jewelry piece needs a deep clean, there are commercial jewelry cleaners available specifically for it. You can also use a mix of warm water with liquid dish detergent if you don’t want to purchase the cleaner. Soak the jewelry in the solution for 15 minutes to loosen up the dirt accumulations, then gently brush it with a brass brush or a toothbrush with soft bristles. Rinse it under warm running water afterward. Lastly, blot dry your gold jewelry with a soft cloth and let it air dry completely on a towel.

Also, make sure you remove any gold jewelry before showering. If you have a ring with a gold setting, always take it off before washing your hands or applying lotion to avoid building up dirt and grease. 




Pearls are delicate and require special care. However, you should wear your pearls often to keep them looking lustrous because your body oil helps to polish the pearls! If your pearls are too clean, they would lose their luster.

You can simply wipe your pearls with a soft cloth before returning them to the jewelry box for daily care. If your pearls are stained, you can clean them with a makeup brush dipped in a mixture of lukewarm water and a drop of mild detergent. Avoid soaking your pearls. Wipe them with a dampened cloth after brushing and let them dry flat.


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