Just 4 Me Monday June 2017

Just 4 Me Monday June 2017

What is it about a Monday?

You know, Monday so often gets a bad rep.  Back to work and you're probably looking at a long week ahead.  We're all so busy just trying to keep up!

We know how important it is to stop for a minute; not just to take our bearings and figure out the next step, but to celebrate life!  A little or a lot; whatever you can make the time for. And every time you do, it’s another chance to replenish your happy!  

Why not Monday?  Reward yourself for last week and carry that good feeling through this one! 

Something small in act can be large in impact. Take scent for instance. Lighting my favorite candle almost immediately takes me to a calm and delightful place no matter where I actually am.  Turning my bath into a spa after the girls are in bed, with soaps, bath salts and balms leaves me feeling recharged (and a little prettier). 

This is what  Just4Me Monday is all about. You deserve a reward for getting through that crazy week or…just because!  This coming week, we’re offering our colorful  Swarovski Gemstone Cuff & Stud Set at a price that lets you treat yourself without the guilt!


 … starting this coming week, we’ll have regular giveaways.  Just like, share, tweet, or sign up for the IGJ newsletter and your name will be entered into a drawing to receive a Just4Me Monday jewelry piece, PLUS a special treat!  Click here for an opportunity to win this week’s piece and celebrate life, beautifully with a double treat! 

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