Photo Jewelry ~ What’s Old is New Again

Photo Jewelry ~ What’s Old is New Again

Gold LocketThese days Photo Jewelry is all the rage, everyone is doing it and everyone is wearing it from Hollywood Stars to hip moms from Boston to San Francisco.

The reality, however, is that Photo Jewelry is really quite an old trend. It has been around for centuries in the form of the well known locket. Back in the day it was used to carry good luck charms, hair, keepsakes and even powder or poison.

My oldest memory of this is of my grandmother wearing her lockets after my grandfather had passed away. But that wasn’t my grandmother’s thing. It was what women did where she came from (Figueria Da Foz), and her mother before her did it as well. In Portugal – from the north of the country to the south you will see little old ladies decked out in the most beautiful antique gold jewelry that has been passed down to them through generations. Many of those pieces are lockets with pictures of loved ones worn in tribute and as a memoir. 

Isabelle Grace JewelryPhoto jewelry is fun and unique. Today’s photo jewelry is a bit more modern and simplified but it represents the same basic idea, a distinctive way to show off your most prized possessions.

Isabelle Grace Photo jewelry is a great way to celebrate those you love, from a baby, a grandchild to even a pet! Mother’s Day is right around the corner; our pieces make great gifts that will be cherished forever.

We love making custom pieces, so e-mail us with any special requests and we are happy to oblige. Check out some examples of customized pieces.

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