Graduation Gift Helps Girls ‘Soar’ to New Levels

Graduation Gift Helps Girls ‘Soar’ to New Levels

Aside from our passion for creating beautiful jewelry, here at Isabelle Grace we are very passionate about giving back to the community and encouraging today’s youth to be the very best they can be.  This is why we are so proud to tell you about our Soar necklace from our Inspired Collection.

This inspiring and uplifting necklace makes a great graduation gift.  The Soar necklace is designed to remind you to live out your dreams and be the very best that you can be each and every day.

When you purchase the Soar necklace or any necklace from our Inspired Collection, 20% of the proceeds will go to the Girl Talk organization, a student-to-student mentoring program designed to help girls navigate difficult issues, contribute to their community and build leadership skills.

Inspire someone special to reach for the stars!  Inspire someone special to Soar!

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