Nicole Sullivan in Isabelle Grace Jewelry

Nicole Sullivan in Isabelle Grace Jewelry

Looking gorgeous as always, celebrity mom Nicole Sullivan was snapped wearing a Signature Mini Tag necklace from Isabelle Grace!  We couldn’t be more proud to see the beautiful mother of two in one of our favorite designs!  Nicole is featured wearing the necklace in the current edition of US Weekly Magazine.

The Signature Mini Tags are made from fine silver and each tag is accented with a sparkling CZ.  A silver initial of your choice is hand engraved into the tag before it is adorned with a gold heart charm.  The tag and charms hang from an oxidized silver chain.  The charms are completely hand made—each piece is a custom creation!

Nicole’s necklace is decorated with two silver tags, one has a “D” for first born son, Dashel, the other a “B” for second born son, Beckett.

The tags are a perfect way to show off your love for a child, spouse, or significant other.

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